Own the Exam Room

An All-Inclusive Communication Training Workshop in Meridian, Idaho

Designed for DVMs, exam room technicians, and all other veterinary hospital team members- our veterinary communication training has been described as "Frank™ Training on Steroids" by past participants. Dr. Brett Bingham provides interactive training based on his time-tested curriculum that will greatly impact your veterinary team's success.

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Price Per Person Onsite in Meridian, Idaho

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Day 1

9 am: The Formula for Veterinary Success

10 am: The Power of Words

11 am: Personality Assessments

2 pm: The Greeting Process

3:30 pm: The Medical Interview

Day 2

8:30 am: The Physical Exam

10 am: Client Education

12 pm: Collaborative Planning

1 pm: End

The Exam Room Flow Model

All sessions in our Own the Exam Room workshop are based on the Exam Room Flow Model. Developed by Dr. Bingham, the Exam Room Flow Model is a groundbreaking communication model that has revolutionized the way veterinary professionals communicate with clients. It is key to addressing emotional challenges and the burnout that veterinarians face.

What's Included

  • Interactive Communication Training & Role-playing Real-life Scenarios
  • DiSC Assessment and Overview with DiSC-certified Instructor, Corey Smith
  • Annual subscription to Core Curriculum and monthly webinars
  • Two-night hotel stay, two lunches, and dinner
  • Branded Life Wellness Exam Room Poster
  • Proven and time-tested communication scripts that can be modified to fit your personality style
  • The "Words We Use Matter" Cheat Sheet: Alternative jargon to use to build trust with clients

Upcoming Workshop Dates and Registration

Saturday, January 27 - Sunday, January 28, 2024 Friday, February 23 - Saturday, February 24, 2024

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